Christmas Music 2021


A Christmas song describing the majesty, mystery, and wonder of the mighty God of Love becoming small to save His people. (2021)

Indian Christmas Carol


A new Hindi Christmas Christian Song from me to you. Do you love Indian Christian music? Especially on the holidays, there’s nothing that brings Christmas home for me like Indian music and Hindi lyrics.

Writing this song took me back to the way my family celebrated Jesus during the holidays. Celebrate the joy of Jesus birth with me and experience a taste of Christmas with Indian worship music. (Christmas 2021).

Based on the Time Legend Trilogy books, by Monisha Saywack.

God of the Mountains

“God of the Mountains.” Song based on The Time Legend Trilogy books written by Monisha Saywack. Available on Amazon.

Turn Green - Monisha Saywack

I Dream

“I Dream” – a song describing a dream of the new earth and heaven described in the Book of Revelations. Turn Green (2010) by Monisha Saywack.

Turn Green - Monisha Saywack

I Remember

“I Remember” – A song about remembering where your true identity is hidden and treasured – in God. Turn Green by Monisha Saywack.

Turn Green - Monisha Saywack


“Crazy” – Song about the Love that chose you before the foundation of creation, Who loves you perfectly. Turn Green (2010) by Monisha Saywack.

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